Firstly thank you for visiting my website, I'm the owner and photographer at The Portrait Lounge. I love nothing more than capturing memories, If this last year has taught us anything it's not to take life for granted. With this in mind taking photographs and having photographs is sometimes the most important thing we have and we don't always realise until after that moment has passed. As a mom I take hundreds of photographs of my children and avoid being in them, however my children don't see my insecurities, they see me as their mom and they love me for that, therefore embrace what you have and do not put off celebrating who you are and your beautiful little family. 

My photography has always been portraiture, I love people and animals, I surround myself with both. I travelled world wide for 7 years photographing weddings and portraits, from Iceland down to Australia and over 100 places in between. This grounded to a halt when my two beautiful daughters were born. Returning to the Uk in 2011 I completed my masters degree in photography and so our story began. 


I opened my first studio 6 years ago and recently moved to the wonderful Trentham gardens in Stoke on Trent. The opportunities are endless in the beautiful gardens and we are constantly changing the sets in the studio to keep you interested. Not forgetting the fabulous weddings I get to share with my couples, photographing your day is not only special but a privilege to feel apart of it... remember the cake gets eaten, the flowers wilt but the photographs last forever.

I love my career, my customers have become some of my best friends, choosing me to capture your special moment isn't funding a big business with millions, you're supporting myself and my beautiful girls. Feel free to contact me for any questions, queries and anything in between. 

Amanda x

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